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Worker Injured In New Jersey Graveyard

A worker was injured on Tuesday, October 11th, 2023 at a graveyard in Jamesburg. It was stated that the worker fell into an open grave following a funeral service. More specifically, the fall occurred at Holy Cross Cemetery in Jamesburg, New Jersey. Crews that responded to the scene ensured that the area surrounding the grave was stabilized so that no further injuries were incurred. Quite a few first responders and support arrived at the scene in the early afternoon from South Brunswick as well as the Princeton rescue squad. It wasn’t stated how exactly the worker fell into the grave but the worker did sustain injuries. 

Worker Injured And Pulled To Rescue

The injured person was rescued via a rope system placed into the grave. He was not unconscious from the incident but unfortunately suffered a dislocated shoulder. After he was rescued he was taken to a local hospital. A spokesman for the diocese in charge of the cemetery wished for a quick recovery for the injured person. While it’s not everyday that one hears about someone being injured at a graveyard these accidents do happen. It’s important to take precaution no matter what job you work at. Property managers must also follow safety protocol and standard operating procedures to help keep their workers safe and free from injury. When injuries occur on the job, lawsuits can and do happen. When this occurs it may be beneficial to seek out legal advice or counsel. 

Injuries On The Job    

People get injured at their jobs each day, unfortunately. This is more often the case at physically demanding jobs or jobs that use heavy machinery. The cemetery worker in this case was most likely injured while doing their job. When someone is injured on the job then they may have the grounds for a legal case. Workplaces are required to keep their personnel well trained and aware of potentially hazardous issues. It’s not stated in this article whether or not any violations occurred against safety protocol at the cemetery or who was responsible. This is where having an experienced lawyer investigate the surroundings of an injury at work is important. It could be the difference between having to pay for your own hospital bills and suffering or having the irresponsible and negligent party pay for them. 

Legal Assistance

Legal assistance is available from Rispoli & Borneo P.C. for workplace incidents that may qualify to receive workers compensation. A New Jersey Workers Compensation Attorney from our firm can help you if you have been involved in a workplace incident and believe that it may be the basis of receiving a workers compensation claim. Contact us today for assistance with setting up a case or to get professional advice on whether or not to pursue one. Waiting too long could mean that the statute of limitations expire so be sure to contact our firm as soon as possible.