New Jersey Workers Comp Rates Decrease

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Recently it was announced that the workers compensation rates of New Jersey would decline 6.1% starting on January 1, 2023. This would have significant effects on workers who are eligible to recover compensation for injuries. As a result of the rate adjustment, the weekly compensation would increase from $1,065 to $1,099, and the amount for the minimum weekly benefit would shift from $284 to $293. For permanent partial disabilities, there would be a slight increase in the benefit range, changing the current range of $284 to $1,065 to $284 to $1,099. 

In New Jersey, workers’ injuries make up a significant number of personal injury cases. In 2020, there have been a reported 75,000 worker injury cases that did not result in a fatality. When these types of incidents happen, it is critical that they are investigated promptly so that the cause of the accident can be determined and actions can be taken to prevent them from occurring. Sometimes changes to company policy might be necessary or improved oversight. 

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Legal Help Is Available

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