Drunk Driving Lawyer Newark: FAQ

Drunk Driving Lawyer NewarkQ: What should I do if I’m stopped for drunk driving in Newark?

A: If you’ve gotten stopped for drunk driving you’ll probably want a drunk driving lawyer in Newark.


Q: Where can I find a drunk driving lawyer in Newark?

A: Fortunately you can locate an excellent drunk driving attorney with the experience you may need right here in Newark by contacting Rispoli & Borneo, PC.


Q: What do I need to worry about if I’m convicted of drunk driving?

A: If you’re convicted of drunk driving that may have many negative effects on your life, even years later.


Q: Am I required to have an attorney to represent me if I’ve gotten a drunk driving ticket?

A: While you certainly aren’t required to have an attorney should you be charged with drunk driving, it usually makes sense to at least consult with one.


Q: What should I do if I’m actually arrested for drunk driving?

A: If you’re actually arrested, our suggestion is that you immediately use your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney. Before you talk with anyone, call us. Remember you have the right for one phone call.


Q: But my family has always used the same lawyer. Shouldn’t I call him?

A: You might want to call us even if you have an lawyer in the family or for your business because it only makes sense to work with one who has significant experience helping people deal with drunk driving issues.


Q: What will the police want me to talk about?

A: Generally speaking the police will probably suggest you talk with them or even make an official statement. They might even want you to talk to a judge who will ask you to plead guilty or not guilty.


Q: How can I make a good decision if I’m arrested?

A: Don’t be rushed into anything. It really is best if you don’t talk until you’ve got solid legal advice that knows not only the drunk driving laws, but the ins and outs of how the system works in Newark.


Q: What happens if I do decide I want to work with you?

A: When you choose to be our client, we can then be your voice. We will first interview you so we thoroughly understand you side of things. Then, acting on your behalf we’ll know both what to say and what not to say. You’ll feel less pressured and won’t have to worry so much about perhaps saying the wrong thing inadvertently.


Q: But I don’t know anything about the law!

A: Remember, it’s not expected that you will know and understand the laws around driving while impaired by alcohol or the substance. That’s why you’re guaranteed the right to have representation by a drunk driving lawyer Newark residents depend on.


Q: What should I know about you?

A: At Rispoli & Borneo, PC we have attorneys that can be counted on to know and understand your situation. They know the laws about drunk driving and since they practice in this arena they know many of the other parties involved like law enforcement, the prosecutors in the District Attorney’s office and in the courts. Since we walk you through every step you don’t have to face them alone.


Q: Are my sobriety tests actually legal?

A: You also want to be represented when it comes to understanding the impact and legality of the ‘sobriety’ tests you were probably given. There are a surprising number of laws that govern these tests and your attorney may be able to help contest the test results, which are often the major reason for a drunk driving conviction. If the tests aren’t administered as they should be the results may be inaccurate. Being guided by an attorney who understands this can be both reassuring and have a large impact. Remember the penalties can be severe and you want every opportunity to be heard completely and accurately.


Q: It feels like no one is on my side!

A: Our drunk driving lawyers at Rispoli & Borneo, PC the kind of experience you want on your side.


Q: How do I reach you?

A: You can use our contact form to get in touch or call us at 908-353-0800.