Newark Work Injury Attorneys

Newark Work Injury Attorneys

What Happens When It Is Time to Return to Work After Being Injured?

Professional Newark work injury attorneys understand that most hurt employees are eventually able to return to work. Depending on the circumstances or the extent of the injuries sustained, a worker may have certain restrictions on the type of work they can and cannot perform. This is until their physician concludes the injured worker has reached their medical maximum improvement. Our attorneys at Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. have assisted injured workers for more than two decades. Our legal team knows that the state of New Jersey requires employers to establish return-to-work programs that assist injured workers return to their jobs.

Physician Approval to Return to Work

Once your doctor gives his or her approval for you to return to work, both your employer and workers’ compensation insurance carrier will be notified. Newark work injury attorneys know that the Return to Work form your doctor fills out will list any and all physical limitations you may have. Your employer is required to honor those limitations.

Work Limitations

Many companies have return to work plans that establish lines of communication between the employer and workers’ physicians. This is to ensure that the employer completely understands the injured or recovering worker’s limitations. A work plan should also include physician-approved job duties and tasks that the employee can perform. If the injury is permanent, the doctor’s note should specify what tasks the employee cannot perform that are applicable to their job.

Seasoned work injury attorneys in Newark NJ can also explain to the employee what benefits they qualify for, and how much money they may receive. Furthermore, if an employer assigns a returning worker a job that pays less than their previous job, the worker might be eligible to receive the difference in pay. This is commonly available through the workers’ compensation insurance carrier.
Vocational Rehabilitation

In cases where it has been determined that the injured worker can never return to their former position, Newark work injury attorneys may be able to obtain vocational rehabilitation benefits for the worker through the insurance carrier. This process often involves working with a vocational counselor who will assess the worker’s physical limitations, education, and past employment history to develop career options for the injured worker. Once a suitable career is found, the vocational counselor can assist the worker to get the required training and/or education needed.

Various issues can arise when an injured employee is ready to return to work. This is why it is important to get the assistance of one of our skilled Newark work injury attorneys from at Rispoli & Borneo, P.C.

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