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A Newark Personal Injury Lawyer Answers FAQs Regarding Personal Injury Cases

When people talk about car accidents, they are often debating about which party was at fault and who suffered the worst damages. When it comes to an accident between a vehicle driver and a pedestrian, it is likely the latter that endures the most painful and costly injuries. A Newark, New Jersey pedestrian accident injury lawyer FROM Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. knows it is more often the car driver who caused the accident to unfold in the first place. There are many reasons why a pedestrian accident may happen, but most include the driver being distracted, intoxicated, or just plain reckless.

When considering filing a lawsuit against the driver at-fault for compensation, the pedestrian may wonder what types of damages they may be eligible for after the accident. Many victims turn to a Newark pedestrian accident injury lawyer for legal advice before proceeding, for confirmation they have a strong foundation for a lawsuit.

There are four main kinds of damages that are associated with pedestrian accidents, and have been summarized below:

#1 Medical Expenses

The victim of a pedestrian accident may be able to receive compensation for expenses related to medical care, including ambulance charge, hospitalization, surgery, x-rays, medication, and more. Those who are interested in filing a civil lawsuit may want to start a file with documents related to the injuries, photographs of their physical condition, and any out of pocket expenses. A pedestrian accident injury lawyer in Newark can help the victim gather evidence that may be supportive of their case.

#2 Loss of Wage

A person that has been hit by a car is unlikely to be able to return to work at full capacity right afterwards, unless or he or she was very lucky. The at-fault driver may have to pay the pedestrian for missed work due to the collision. Loss of wage damages may be higher or lower depending on where the pedestrian is employed. For example, a person who does physical labor as a construction worker, probably requires a longer period away from work compared to someone who works a sedentary desk job.

#3 Pain and Suffering

The more complex type of damages to receive compensation for is pain and suffering. Unlike medical care receipts, pain and suffering does not have a specific monetary amount. So the question often includes just how much the victim’s suffering is worth in a monetary amount. The courts commonly ask the pedestrian victim about what he or she endured, and attempt to correlate an appropriate financial value. Your Newark personal injury attorney will calculate what that financial value based on the extent of your injuries and the amount of time it took to recover.

#4 Loss of Normal Living

Loss of normal life may also be referred to by the courts as “loss of enjoyment.” Depending on whether the pedestrian’s injuries resulting in permanent disability, the at-fault driver may have to compensate the victim for a newly developed condition. For example, if a pedestrian was hit and suffered a brain injury that led to lifelong challenges with memory, the courts may decide a certain amount of financial retribution is appropriate. While no amount of money can change a permanent disability, the financial award can help the victim live a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

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