Newark Work Injury

After suffering a serious injury while on the job, you may want to speak with a Newark work injury attorney at Rispoli & Borneo P.C. to learn about your legal rights. Our attorneys can meet with you in a confidential and free case review.
Sometimes it requires the help of a work injury attorney in Newark to recover your damages promptly and in full. The workers compensation insurance company is not your friend and may not be responsive to your needs.

What to Do After You Have Been Injured at Work

A Newark work injury attorney at Rispoli & Borneo P.C. may review your case and walk you through the steps of filing a workers compensation claim. Under certain circumstances, it might be necessary to file a lawsuit.
  1. Report the injury to your employer or supervisor. Even if the injury does not seem serious, you need to report it. There are several reasons for this:
  2. The injury may be more serious than you originally thought. If it’s not reported, then you will probably not qualify for workers compensation.
  3. Whatever caused your injury could still be a danger to somebody else. If it’s not reported, that problem may not get addressed before someone else is injured.
  4. If the injury prevents you from being able to work, or to work at your normal capacity, you want it documented so that your job security is protected and you can earn wages even while not working. Your Newark work injury attorney may advise you as to what benefits you may qualify for.
  5. Your private health insurance will probably not cover work-related injuries, and without reporting the injury at work, workers compensation won’t cover it either.
  6. If you don’t report the injury, your employer can deny that the accident happened at work, or that it happened at all.
  7. Some employers set strict guidelines around work injuries and reporting times. If you don’t report it on time you may receive a suspension without pay or a reprimand.
  8. Write down what happened. This is important to do right away while the details are fresh in your mind. A work injury attorney Newark employees trust will need to see your notes.
  9. Include when and where you reported the injury to your employer or supervisor. If you had a witness to your reporting of the injury include that person’s name and contact information.
  10. If you belong to a union, report the injury to your representative immediately, in addition to telling your employer or supervisor. Giving them a copy of your written notes may also be helpful.
  11. In your notes, include the exact location of the accident, what led up to the accident, who was there, etc.
  12. Sign and date the bottom of the notes.
  13. Request witnesses to the accident write down what happened. This is also important to do right away and for the same reason. Ask that they include the same level of detail as you did in your notes. Also be sure that they include their contact information in addition to signing and dating their account of the accident. Provide a copy of the witness’ statements to your Newark work injury attorney
If you have been injured at work and would like to speak with a Newark work injury attorney, call the law office of Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. today.