NJ Work Injury Lawyers

NJ Work Injury Lawyers

New Jersey Work Injury LawyersIf you have been injured while working, and are concerned about receiving workers’ comp benefits, call Rispoli & Borneo, P.C.,  to speak with one of our New Jersey work injury lawyers

Understanding Which Injuries Are Covered by Workers’ Comp

In the US, nearly all employees are guaranteed the right to financial compensation in the event they are injured while working. This system is called workers’ comp, and it is one of the broadest coverage systems in the nation. Despite the fact that the vast majority of people are covered by this system, many people do not understand how it works. Although the system has been designed to be self-explanatory, it tends to cause a lot of confusion. This is especially true when the injury is anything but straightforward. New Jersey work injury lawyers can explain the process of applying for workers’ compensation, and if needed, apply on your behalf. To prepare you for a consultation, consider the following information that briefly explains some of the injuries that are covered. 


Many people are surprised to learn that there are essentially no limitations on what kinds of injuries are covered by workers’ comp. In addition to the traditional and straightforward injuries that most people usually think of, any injury that costs you money to treat should be fully covered.

This includes repetitive stress injuries, which are caused by doing a repetitive motion frequently for many hours over the course of weeks or months. Typing is a common cause of the most common repetitive stress injury, and can lead to carpal tunnel. However, even something like lifting heavy boxes can be considered repetitive stress injuries.

Another type of injury that is commonly overlooked when it comes to workers’ comp coverage is respiratory injuries. For example, if you inhale certain gases, you can do serious damage to your lungs or other internal organs. These types of injuries are also usually covered by workers’ comp.


While the type of injury does not affect your coverage, there is one aspect you need to be aware of that does. Only injuries that are the direct result of work-related activities are covered. This means that you or one of your coworkers needs to be acting for the benefit of the job, and these actions must cause the injury. The injury does not necessarily need to be caused by your actions, but the actions do need to be related to work. Here are some examples of injuries which would likely be covered by workers’ comp:

  • Cutting your hand open while opening boxes after a delivery.
  • Hurting your back after lifting heavy boxes all day.
  • A broken leg after a car crash while making deliveries.

And here are some examples of injuries which would generally not be covered:

  • A broken leg after a car crash while driving to work.
  • Injuring yourself at work, but while intoxicated

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