On The Job Injury Attorney Long Branch, NJ

On The Job Injury Attorney Long Branch, NJOn The Job Injury Attorney Long Branch NJ


If you were injured at work and had your workers’ compensation claim denied, this isn’t the end of the line for you. A on the job injury attorney in Long Branch, New Jersey is skilled at dealing with the insurance providers and companies that deny legitimate claims. These companies deliberately make the appeal process complex, hoping the claimant will eventually give up.


There are several ways an attorney can help. Because they regularly with the workers’ comp providers they are familiar with the forms and processes necessary to appeal a claim. They work on your behalf with the goal being getting your claim approved and obtaining the benefits you are entitled to receive.


Will You Always Need the Help of an Attorney?


Not necessarily. Sometimes a mistake is made in the documents you submit, other times there is a clerical error on the part of the insurance provider. In these cases, if the error is found and corrected and your claim is then approved it is not necessary to consult an on the job injury attorney in Long Branch, NJ.


If your claim is denied or if the settlement the insurance provider is less than what you were expecting, you may wish to speak with an attorney to determine your next steps. There are strict deadlines associated with filing a claim, so the sooner you can speak with an attorney, the better.


Filing an appeal is complex and if you do not submit the correct forms to the correct entity you may negate your opportunity to appeal. An attorney can help you put together a strong case and you can be confident they are adhering to the proper court proceeding timeframes. Most attorneys work on a percentage basis, only charging you a percentage of the benefits if you win the case.


How to Find a Reputable Workers’ Compensation Attorney


A reputable on the job injury attorney in Long Branch, NJ will offer an initial consultation at no charge. They will talk with you about your claim and decide whether or not they will be able to assist you. For your part, you should also feel free to ask the lawyer questions to make sure they are a good fit for you and you are confident they are the right choice to represent your best interests. Questions may include:


  • What percentage of your work is strictly workers’ compensation cases?
  • How many years of experience in workers’ comp claims do you and your team have?
  • How are your fees determined?
  • Will I be dealing with you or someone on your team?
  • Ask for references
  • Do you only represent injured workers or do you work for workers’ comp providers and employers as well?
  • How do you determine how much my case is worth? Do you feel I have a strong case?
  • Will you explain how my claim will go through the court system?


The consultation is a good time to get a feel for how the attorney treats its clients. Do you feel comfortable asking questions and with the answers you are given? Does the lawyer listen to your questions and respond in a respectful manner in terms you understand? How does the staff treat you? Before making any commitment to work with a professional on the job injury attorney in Long Branch, NJ, be sure you feel comfortable and confident the firm will best represent your interests.


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