Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Elizabeth NJ

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, contact Rispoli & Borneo P.C. to schedule a free case evaluation with a slip and fall accident lawyer Elizabeth NJ victims recommend.There are several ways that slip and fall incidents can arise. Most often, they occur due to uneven surfaces, recently mopped floors, overly waxed floors, loose floorboards, curled carpeting, spilled liquids, poor lighting, and objects/debris in walkways. If stairs have missing or broken handrails, this can lead to a tumble as well, since a person doesn’t have something to catch themselves or offer support. When a slip and fall accident does happen, the victim may wonder things like where a doctor appointment is necessary, if retaining the services of a slip and fall accident lawyer in Elizabeth New Jersey is a good idea and common types of injuries.

Q: What injuries may a person sustain for taking a fall?

A: The type and severity of injuries a person endures for a fall, depends on the circumstances. For example, someone who slipped and fell down a set of stairs is likely to suffer from broken bones, sprains, and a head injury. A person who slid backward due to a liquid puddle may injure his or her tailbone, back, and skull.

Q: If a fall was minor, is it necessary to get a medical exam?

A: Even if a person falls and feels only minor aches and pains, it is important to get an evaluation from a medical professional. In the event that more serious injuries were sustained than expected, the victim of the fall may need to seek compensation. Not having medical documents can limit a person’s ability to get repayment for medical care related to the injuries. Also, in case injuries worsen, it can help to have a starting point for when symptoms were first noticed. The more medical documentation a victim has, the better the chances an Elizabeth NJ slip and fall lawyer will be able to obtain financial compensation on their behalf.

Q: Is it my fault if I slipped on a wet puddle while on a property?

A: Sometimes a person may slip on a wet surface and fall, but then aren’t sure who is actually responsible. Depending on where you were, a property owner, business, or other party may be liable for your injuries. Whether you are eligible for compensation is based on the factors of the slip and fall. For instance, if you were to slip and fall on a puddle in a retail store, the company may be at-fault due to leaky ceiling, neglecting to attend to a spill, or something else related to poor maintenance. The stronger the evidence that shows how negligence or carelessness occurred, the more you may be awarded in restitution.

Q: Is it required that I hire a lawyer about my slip and fall accident?

A: It can help your case if you hire a slip and fall accident lawyer in Elizabeth NJ to represent you. Most people do not know where to start in getting the compensation they need to treat injuries and cover other losses. A person who is unfamiliar with legalities may not realize they are entitled to a specific amount and settle for something way less than deserved. Then, this person may have to pay for bills out of their own pocket, for an accident they had to part in causing. Seeking legal advice may be the best way to find out your options, in addition to getting the amount you need to recover.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, contact Rispoli & Borneo P.C. to schedule a free case evaluation with a slip and fall accident lawyer Elizabeth NJ victims recommend.


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