Surgery Alternatives to Treating Sciatica

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If you have sciatica as a result of a desk job, you likely feel intense pain in several areas of your body, including your back, legs and hips. This pain can be debilitating and prevent you from doing everyday work tasks. Some days it may even be difficult to get out of bed. You may think that your only treatment option for this condition is surgery. However, there are several non-surgical ways to treat sciatica, and you may be eligible for workers compensation.

Pain Medication Treatment

For Treatment, there are a few over-the-counter pain medications that can provide pain relief from sciatica. They do this by decreasing inflammation throughout your body. If these medications are not enough to treat your pain, your doctor may be able to prescribe muscle relaxants or narcotic medications.

Heat and Ice Treatment

If you experience acute sciatic pain, it’s helpful to alternate between heat and ice treatments, like heating pads and ice packs. Aim to apply heat or ice to the affected area every hour. You can alternate between hot and cold treatments.

Chiropractic or Manual Manipulation

If your sciatica is in the early stages, it may be beneficial to go see a chiropractor. He or she will manually manipulate the spine to treat the pain. This treatment also helps align the spine. It’s important to see a licensed and reputable chiropractor to avoid and damage to the spine.


It is believed that people have been using acupuncture to treat pain since 100 BC. During this treatment, a thin needle is inserted into areas surrounding the pain location to relieve pain and pressure on the nerve. Fortunately, there is typically very little pain associated with this treatment. Many patients just feel a mild tingling sensation or dull ache. Talk with an experienced Workers’ Compensation today to determine your eligibility.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is another effective way to treat sciatica pain. During this treatment, a trained massage therapist will break up the muscle groups to prevent them from spasming around the painful area. This therapy is very relaxing and can make you feel great afterward. It’s a good idea to see a professional such as Stem Cells Doctor back pain Chevy Chase, MD who has experience working with people with sciatica. If your massage therapist applies too much pressure and causes pain during the treatment, don’t be afraid to speak up.


As you can see, you have many options when it comes to treating sciatica pain. You do not have to go under the knife if you don’t want to. These treatments can provide short-term relief and help you go back to work and complete your everyday tasks.

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