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When you visit the property of another person, you should be able to do so without worrying over hazards and dangers that may cause you injury. When a property owner fails to make a reasonable effort to eliminate tripping hazards, slipping hazards, or other dangers, and this failure leads to your injury, you may have the ability to file a lawsuit under the legal concept of premises liability.

When building a premises liability case, a skilled premises liability attorney will use all documentation or evidence of the accident to demonstrate who was at fault. While the property owner has a responsibility to maintain their property so that it does not pose a risk to guests or visitors, you as a guest or visitor have a responsibility not to act in a careless manner that leads to your own harm. If an accident occurs in a business such as a department store, there is a possibility that it will be caught on a security camera system.

Having surveillance video of the accident can play a vital role in a premises liability case, as having this video feed quickly eliminates much of the guess work and arguing over what exactly contributed to the accident. If the video shows that the victim fell despite the fact that they were walking normally and carefully, then they will easily have a strong case against the property owner. If, on the other hand, this video shows that the victim was running across an area clearly marked by a wet floor sign, they will have a very difficult time building any kind of case. This is why it is very important after an accident to report it to the store and to request the video from the security feed.

It also cannot be stressed to much just how important the role of an experienced premises liability attorney Atlanta GA trusts will be in any legal action resulting from tripping or slipping and falling. The process towards receiving compensation for your injuries through the courts is long, drawn out, and very complicated. Acting by yourself, it can be very difficult to build a solid case and to know the proper paths to take. By utilizing an attorney who has handled similar cases, you save yourself significant stress and also ensure that you are receiving the best results.

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