Top 5 Reasons People Contest Speeding Tickets

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Understanding Speeding Tickets in New Jersey: Top Questions Answered

You’ve been issued a speeding ticket in New Jersey, and now you’re swimming in questions. We’ve rounded up the most commonly asked questions to guide you through this process and provide clarity. Here are key questions that you may have if you are meeting with a lawyer concerning a speeding ticket. 

Why should I contest my speeding ticket?

The consequences of a speeding ticket are often more than just a simple fine. Points can be added to your driver’s license, which might lead to higher insurance rates and even license suspension if accumulated. By contesting the ticket, you have an opportunity to reduce or eliminate these penalties. Furthermore, there may be legal technicalities or defenses that could play in your favor, which a skilled attorney can identify.

What’s the difference between paying the fine and hiring an attorney?

Paying the fine outright might seem like the quickest solution, but it means you’re admitting guilt. This admission can result in points on your license, a record of the violation, and increased insurance premiums. Hiring a trusted speeding ticket attorney like one from Rispoli & Borneo P.C. who is familiar with traffic laws, can provide clients with valuable legal assistance. It’s about safeguarding your driving record and possibly saving money in the long run.

How does the point system work in New Jersey?

New Jersey uses a point system to track traffic violations. Different violations carry different point values. For example, exceeding the speed limit by 15-29 mph may result in 4 points added to your license. Accumulating 12 or more points on a current driving record can lead to license suspension. It is possible for points to be reduced due to a record of safe driving or by completion of approved driving courses. 

If I hire a lawyer, do I still need to appear in court?

In many cases, when you hire an attorney to represent you, they can appear in court on your behalf, saving you the time and stress of attending. However, certain situations might require your presence. It is crucial to discuss the fine entails of your case with an attorney early on. 

Can any lawyer handle my speeding ticket?

Technically, any licensed lawyer could handle a speeding ticket case, but it’s recommended to seek an attorney specializing in traffic violations for the best results. An experienced speeding ticket attorney is familiar with local traffic laws, court procedures, and often has established relationships within the court system. Through their expertise, clients can make much more informed decisions and have a deeper understanding of their legal rights. 

While a speeding ticket might seem straightforward, there are many nuances in New Jersey traffic laws that can impact your future as a driver. Lawyers understand the intricacies of these laws and offers expert guidance and representation to ensure your rights are protected. If you have more questions or need assistance with your speeding ticket, don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation. Learn more about your legal rights and how you can get legal counsel by getting in touch with a qualified lawyer.