Understanding Workers’ Compensation Benefits

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Whether you trip on a broken stair at work and break your wrist, or develop an illness due to being exposed to hazardous chemicals, both types of conditions may be covered by workers’ compensation benefits. The majority of employers have workers’ compensation insurance, for instances when an employee gets hurt or comes down with an illness due to the workplace. In order to receive workers’ benefits, you must be an employee who was accidentally injured while performing a job task, while traveling for the company or during a work-sponsored event.

As an employee, it is important that you know as much as possible about your rights and whether your employer even has this program set in place. Please read on further to find out more about workers’ compensation benefits.

Do I have to report every injury or illness?

Always report to your supervisor or manager when you suffer a work injury or illness. Do not wait until your condition has worsened to report what happened. When informing your boss about the incident, you may have to fill out an incident report and get medical treatment if needed.

Where will I go to get medical treatment?

If your injury is considered an emergency, an ambulance may just take you to the nearest emergency hospital. But in a non-emergency situation, your employer may have you be seen by a pre-assigned doctor. If you go somewhere outside of where your employer tells you to go, your medical care may not be covered.

What if I want to see my own doctor?

Depending on the laws for your state, you may have to been seen by the work-assigned doctor before getting a second opinion with your own physician. If your personal doctor vastly disagrees with the other doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan for your condition, you may want to talk with an attorney. In some cases, the work-assigned doctor may be biased to save your company money through minimizing your condition.

Do I need to tell the hospital staff anything when I arrive?

When you check in for your doctor’s appointment, tell them that your injury or illness happened at work. This is so your medical bills will be sent to your employer or the workers’ compensation company instead, and not you.

What is something to keep in mind during my doctor’s appointment?

Remember that your medical record should include all of your current symptoms. Confirm with the work-assigned doctor that every ache or discomfort you feel was added to the documentation. If an injured body part was not listed during your exam, it may not be covered.

What if my claim was approved but I received less than I need?

If you did not get the coverage required to treat your injury or illness sufficiently, you may want to talk with your employer or even meet with a work injury compensation lawyer about your options. Do not forget, your employer may seem to be on your side, but they may also be pressured to save the company money at all costs.

If you have questions about your specific case, please contact a workers’ compensation attorney at Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt today to learn more.