Variables That Help Determine a Pedestrian Accident Recovery Amount

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There are a lot of variables that make up an amount someone could expect to recover from a pedestrian accident lawsuit. Your accident has unique factors at play, and a lawyer won’t give you a cookie cutter answer when you wonder what to expect. Liability could be up in the air, whether your injuries were caused by the accident could be in question and a wide range of other issues could be on the table. The following are some other variables that a court might take a look at.

Severity of Injuries

If you end up with a serious injury that requires multiple surgeries, prolonged recovery, and a lifetime of medication, your settlement amount will typically be higher. If your injuries are life-threatening and require a long hospital stay, the recovery might be even higher. If you only have small injuries that are quickly taken care of and healed, your settlement may not be quite as high.

Work Time Lost

Many injuries will cause you to lose time at work, at least to some extent. The wages you lose can be reimbursed through your lawsuit. If you only miss a day or two right after the initial injury, you will typically only qualify to receive a percentage of those wages. If you will be permanently disabled and unable to ever get back to work, your recovery amount could get quite high.

Injury Impact

Many injuries will impact your everyday life. You may not be able to participate in certain hobbies anymore. Your spouse might leave you because of a rift that comes between you due to the injury. You may suffer chronic pain for the rest of your life. All of these things that impact your life can be compensated. The greater the impact, the greater the settlement.

Injury Recovery Time

Some injuries are healed in only a few days or weeks, while other injuries are never recovered from. If doctors feel you’ll have a full recovery but that it will take some time, your settlement may reach higher than if the doctors feel you’ll recover by next week. If you are never going to recover, the amount typically goes up dramatically.

Learning More and Getting Started

To learn more about pedestrian accidents and what damages you may be able to recover, get the assistance of an attorney. Call a personal injury lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer in Bloomington, IL, today to get started with your case.


Thanks to Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols Attorneys at Law for their insight into some of the variables that help determine a pedestrian accident recovery amount in a personal injury lawsuit.