What Are Common Types of Workplace Injuries?

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How are work injuries defined?

Accidents can happen unexpectedly at work, and in some industries, they are especially common. Workers in healthcare, manufacturing, or construction industries for example are prone to suffering an injury while on the job. A work injury is defined as an injury that a worker suffers as a result of doing their work tasks or because of exposure to hazards in their work environment, like dangerous gas. If you have suffered an injury at work, you can contact a lawyer and they will be able to help you secure compensation.

What are some of the work injuries and illnesses that lawyers often assist workers with?

Common types of work injuries and illnesses that many claimants report are head injuries, leg injuries, respiratory illnesses, and broken limbs. The common causes of many workplace injuries include getting caught in machinery, getting struck by objects, and falling on a slippery surface. These are all valid injuries that workers can report to their supervisor or human resources department. You can learn more about common work injury cases by asking a lawyer what cases they usually work on.

Are injuries that develop due to repetitive motion covered?

As a seasoned New Jersey workers compensation attorney like one at Rispoli & Borneo P.C. can explain, repetitive stress injuries are also covered in workers’ compensation claims. These injuries happen as a result of repetitive tasks, like constant lifting, pulling, or typing on a computer. Joint pain and muscle pain are common symptoms of these injuries. Examples of repetitive motion or strain injuries are tendonitis, bursitis, and Carpal tunnel syndrome.

What is not considered a valid work injury?

Workers should know that just because an injury occurred at work it doesn’t automatically mean that the injury will be accepted in a work injury claim. As long as the worker was doing their tasks at the time of the accident and did not act in a way that violated company policies or laws, the injury will likely qualify. If an injury occurred because of a pre-existing medical condition, it will not be accepted if a worker chooses to file a claim. Injuries that occur because of horseplay done during work hours also do not qualify.

Can I receive temporary disability benefits?

Workers can receive benefits for temporary disabilities that they develop due to an on-the-job injury or illness. A worker may become temporarily disabled because of chronic back pain, suffering a severe illness, or breaking a bone. A disability can be classified as a partial or total disability, depending on the parts of the body that are functional. You need to be able to show sufficient medical records to prove that you have an eligible temporary disability. A lawyer can provide you with further assistance if you are having issues submitting your claim.

Issues with workplace injury claims can quickly be resolved with the assistance of a lawyer. Request a personalized consultation with a qualified and highly experienced workers’ compensation attorney if you want to maximize your benefit amount for a work-related injury.