What Consequences Come With Fleeing From The Scene Of An Accident?

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traffic ticket lawyerLast month, a bicyclist was hit by a driver who fled the scene of the accident in Jersey City, leaving the victim with serious injuries. A local media outlet had obtained video of the incident which showed a black SUV hitting the man and continued to drive off. It was later learned that the driver of the vehicle was a Jersey City councilwoman who told police that she hit her head in the accident and when she later realized what happened, she contacted them. The driver has been cited for failure to report an accident and leaving the scene of an accident.

Why Do Drivers Flee?

One of the most innate human instincts is the fight-or-flight response. When we are faced with something intimidating, dangerous, or scary, there is a split second in which our body decides whether we should stand our ground and fight the obstacle or we should protect ourselves and flee from it. Though we do not have to rely on this instinct nearly as much anymore, some people can still be overtaken by it in stressful situations, say, such as a car accident. As a New Jersey traffic ticket attorney can explain, fleeing the scene of a car accident is illegal and can lead to criminal charges.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident Involving Property-Damage

Some people may think that they do not have to stop after an accident if nobody was hurt; that is not the case. By law, you must still stop if you get into an accident involving property damage and give the other driver your information, such as your name, phone number, vehicle registration number, and your complete insurance information. Failure to do so can result in criminal charges.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident Involving Bodily Injury or Death

If you flee from the scene of an accident that involved death or bodily injury, the consequences become more serious. By law, you are required to stop right away, provide help to anyone who needs it and exchange information with the other driver. You are also required to call 911 if someone is in serious condition and needs medical attention. If calling 911 is not necessary, you are required to report the accident to law enforcement within 30 minutes or risk criminal charges.

Fleeing from an accident involving bodily injury can result in felony charges. This means you face a prison sentence and fines.

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