Why Do I Need A Traffic Ticket Attorney?

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If you are a resident of or driving through New Jersey and an officer cited you with a traffic violation, you should speak with a traffic ticket attorney in New Jersey. But if you want top-quality, trusted legal expertise from reputable traffic ticket attorneys who have gotten dozens of traffic cases dismissed or reduced, then put your trust in Rispoli and Borneo, P.C. We have years of experience, and we take all traffic cases seriously.

Why Do I Need A Traffic Ticket Attorney?

Initially, you might think that a traffic ticket is such a common inconvenience that an attorney is not necessary or even excessive to hire. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Many traffic citations demand that you appear in court. You have the option to fight your ticket, as in arguing that you did not violate the traffic law that you are accused of breaking. Whether you must appear in court or you would like to fight your ticket, it is beneficial to have an attorney guide you, review your ticket, and brief you on viable defenses.

Furthermore, not all traffic tickets are civil matters. Some are criminal matters, and any criminal case puts you at risk of losing your liberty and serving time behind bars. There is also the concern of a judge issuing a warrant out for your arrest because you missed your court date on your ticket or you have failed to pay the fine for your ticket. When you are at risk of serving time, having warrants out, and paying fines you will need a knowledgeable team of New Jersey traffic ticket attorneys to protect your rights and privileges with legal know-how.

How Can A Traffic Ticket Affect Me?

You should not take traffic tickets lightly. If you have not responded to your ticket, your license may become suspended. Many drivers do not realize they are driving on a suspended license until they are pulled over, and they are arrested. Not responding to your traffic ticket can also result in a judge issuing a bench warrant. Even if you are only passing through New Jersey, you can be arrested at any time for this failure to appear. A warrant or suspended license will negatively impact where you can travel, how you may go about traveling, and, in some circumstances, whether you may visit a loved one who is overseas or institutionalized.

Why Choose Us?

You should choose Rispoli and Borneo, P.C. to represent you because we will work passionately on your behalf. We understand how traffic tickets can impede your life and limit your freedoms, so you will never have to worry about us taking your case lightly or putting it on the back burner.