Work Accident Attorney Elizabeth, NJ

Work Accident Attorney Elizabeth, NJWork Accident Attorney Elizabeth, NJ


Workers’ Compensation for Fatigue

You don’t have to walk across a slippery floor or be hit by a falling object to suffer a work injury, as a work accident attorney in Elizabeth, New Jersey can attest. Did you know that many workplace injuries are due to plain old fatigue? It’s true. Employees who do too much physical or mental work for prolonged periods of time are in danger of getting fatigued. Fatigue can put an employee’s health at risk and endanger others. If became fatigued while working, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.


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Signs of Fatigue at Work


If you are displaying the following signs at work, you may be suffering from fatigue.

  • Slower Reaction Times: If you’re exhausted, your reaction times may be much slower than they were in the past. This is particularly dangerous if have to operate a vehicle or heavy machinery at your job.


  • Dozing Off: One of the more obvious signs of fatigue is falling asleep in the middle of you workday. If you’re running on little rest, you may not be able to help falling asleep. While falling asleep at work is never good, it’s especially dangerous if you have to operate a vehicle or deal with machines and other hazardous objects.
  • Lower Attention Span: If you’re fatigued, you may have a lower attention span and have trouble focusing on the simplest tasks at work. You may have difficulty thinking clearly and have to do a task several times to get things right.
  • Irritability: When you are overly tired, you are also more likely to be irritable. You might snap at your coworkers more frequently and become annoyed at the smallest things.



Causes of Fatigue at Work


As a work accident attorney in Elizabeth, NJ can explain, there’s several factors that can increase the risk of workplace fatigue, such as:



  • Work Schedule: The hours you work can have an impact on how tired you feel. If you, for example, work midnights, you are more likely to suffer from fatigue. This is because your body has its own internal clock and can tell the difference between night and day. If you are working when you’re supposed to be sleeping, you may feel more exhausted.
  • Heavy Workload: If you are working too many hours in a row without taking enough breaks, your body can eventually break down. It’s important to take the necessary breaks to give your body the rest it needs.
  • Environmental Exposures: If your work environment isn’t comfortable, it can contribute to your fatigue. For example, if you work in a extremely hot environment, it could tire you out. You may also experience fatigue if there’s insufficient lighting at your workplace.



Getting Workers’ Compensation Benefits


If your employer somehow contributed to your fatigue, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits. For example, if your employer forced you to work too many hours in a row without any breaks, you may be entitled to benefits. It is important to consult with an experienced work accident attorney in Elizabeth, NJ from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. about your case as soon as possible.