Workers’ Compensation Attorney Long Branch, NJ

Workers’ Compensation Attorney - Long Branch, NJWorkers’ Compensation insurance is important. Thankfully, providing coverage is mandatory for nearly all American employers. The need for this coverage is relatively obvious: workers get hurt. We are all human and even the most conscientious workers can make mistakes. In addition, workers are often denied access to important safety equipment and safe working conditions. Whether as a result of human error, mechanical error, negligence or other contributing factors, workers get hurt and need workers’ compensation coverage. The structure of this system holds that if an employee gets injured, instead of suing, they will instead be guaranteed compensation by coverage provided by the company. However, there are some tricky exceptions to this general rule. As a result, it is important to connect with an experienced Long Branch, New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney from Rispoli & Borneo P.C. after experiencing an accident at work or sustaining a repetitive injury. If exceptions to coverage apply, an experienced lawyer may be able to help you take advantage of compensation alternatives. 

Working Abroad

Unfortunately, people who travel for work face more risks to health than the typical office worker. This goes even more so for those employees that travel out of the country. Many things can go wrong abroad, including food poisoning, communicable diseases, or plain bad luck that becomes exacerbated by being in a country with a different kind of healthcare. So what happens when you need help, and you are outside your comfort zone?

The reality can get murky. Some policies come with “foreign voluntary workers’ compensation,” but it is not guaranteed. Others may have to purchase this on top of the regular policy. It just depends upon your employer’s current insurance plan. The short answer is to check first which policy types and coverages apply to your situation. If you are injured while working abroad, connect with an experienced Long Branch, NJ workers’ compensation attorney in order to navigate your legal options back home. 

Off-site Injury or Illness

When it comes to traveling domestically, accidents still occur.  These can occur during activities that are not necessarily work but are still considered “company events” such as parties, outdoor meetings, or even client entertainment. For instance, you were in a car accident while driving to pick up supplies for your boss. Are you covered? For a complete answer to this question, please consult a Long Branch, NJ workers’ compensation attorney. 

A quick solution for most workers’ compensation questions is a checklist. Do you fall into these categories:

  • Are you employed by the company?
  • Does said company have Workers’ Compensation insurance?
  • Is the injury or illness work-related?

If you can safely answer “yes” to all these questions, then you should be eligible for coverage from your work-related accident, even if it was off-site. However, exceptions to this rule do often apply. If anything is unclear during this time, you may wish to seek guidance from an experienced Long Branch, NJ workers’ compensation attorney. That way, you will have a strong legal advocate on your side as you explore your options.