Can I Qualify for Workers’ Comp if I Work from Home?

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If you work from home, you can still collect workers’ compensation if you’re injured on the job. It may sound like a lucky bonus if you’re working remotely, but there are still plenty of boxes you need to check off to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Read on to learn more about workers’ compensation for remote workers, and see how a workers’ compensation attorney can make all the difference.

Are all Injuries at Home Covered by Workers’ Comp?

As a New Jersey Workers Compensation Attorney like our friends at Rispoli & Borneo P.C. can explain, not every injury you experience at home counts for workers’ compensation. You have to prove that your injuries occurred when you were on the clock or carrying out work-related tasks, and you have to report your injuries to your employer as soon as possible.

What is the Coming and Going Rule?

The coming and going rule means you aren’t able to collect workers’ compensation if your injuries were sustained when you were coming to work or going home from the workplace. Originally, this rule basically meant you weren’t eligible for workers’ comp if you were injured during your commute. However, if your home counts as a secondary workplace, you may be able to collect workers’ compensation if you were injured on your way home.

What is the Personal Comfort Doctrine?

The personal comfort doctrine covers employees if they are injured at work while on bathroom breaks or getting drinks of water – basically anything related to maintaining a standard of personal comfort at the workplace. This extends to home offices as well. If you’re injured on a bathroom break or getting a drink, it may be covered by workers’ compensation.

How are my Injuries Determined to be Work-Related?

It’s not up to your employer to decide whether or not your injuries are related to work (and therefore covered by workers’ compensation). It’s up to their insurance provider to take a look at your injury or accident, and decide whether or not you should be covered by workers’ compensation. Fortunately, a workers’ compensation attorney can go to bat for you to convince your employer’s insurance provider that your injuries were work-related.

What are some Common Work-From-Home-Related Injuries?

According to a survey conducted by Pew research, before the pandemic, only 20% of Americans worked from home. Now, 54% of Americans want to continue working from home. The numbers are huge, and work injuries don’t stop just because you’re at home. Some of the most common injuries experienced when working remotely are repetitive stress injuries (injuries caused by poor ergonomics) and slip and falls. These injuries can cause pricey medical bills, so it’s important to get in touch with the right workers’ compensation attorney as soon at possible.

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Those medical bills won’t pay themselves, but you’ll have to negotiate with insurance providers to make sure you get what you need to get back on your feet. The right workers’ compensation attorney can help you prove your injuries were work-related so you can get some much-needed financial coverage. Get in touch with an attorney today to get started.