Hospital Patient Steals Medical Van, Crashes, Steals Another Car, And Leads Cops On Chase

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It started at a hospital, and ended in Holmdel. It’s not Grand Theft Auto V – it’s just another day on Route 35. If you noticed an abnormal amount of traffic on your late October commute, here’s why.

Recently released from the hospital, 33-year-old Justin Chacon stole a medical van from his hospital’s parking lot. He managed to drive the stolen vehicle for a few miles before eventually crashing it on top of a barrier near the border between Middletown and Red Bank.

Ordinarily, a vehicle theft and police chase would end there. Unfortunately, a good samaritan tried to help Chacon, only for Chacon to steal his vehicle next. As a sure sign that no good deed goes unpunished, that good samaritan’s car made it another few miles before it was crashed into a few utility poles.

Chacon ended up ditching the car after it caught on fire. He had also run the car right through a (thankfully closed) farm stand by the time officers caught up to him. He was trying to steal a third vehicle by the time he was stopped, but the police intervened in time. When a taser was unsuccessful at ending his rampage, a police officer had to shoot.

Even after being shot, Chacon didn’t stop. It took New Jersey’s finest some extra effort to finally subdue him and get him treatment for his gunshot wound. Hopefully they didn’t leave the keys in the ambulance.

Here’s Why You Need a Traffic Ticket Attorney

Odds are, you didn’t steal two vehicles before crashing into a produce stand. While Justin Chacon’s wild ride may have taken him through two different vehicles, several utility poles, and the local farmers’ market, your traffic ticket was probably a bit less Hollywood and a bit more annoying and frustrating.

As a traffic ticket attorney in New Jersey like our friends at Rispoli & Borneo P.C. can explain, traffic tickets are surprisingly expensive. And while there’s not much chance that you’ll go to jail like Chacon for speeding or running a stop sign, there’s a very real probability that you’ll be stuck paying higher insurance rates for years to come. Those marks on your record can stack up, and the extra amount you’ll pay every month will eclipse the price of your initial ticket.

Fortunately, you can fight back against your traffic ticket. Many people either assume it’s not worth the effort, or they assume they can do it themselves in court. Unfortunately, both viewpoints can lead to pricey mistakes.

A Lawyer Knows the Law. You Don’t.

It may be tempting to play lawyer and fight your own ticket, but it’s not always a good idea. You’ll have to be familiar enough with traffic laws to know how you can fight back against your charges, and you’ll also have to know enough about a police officer’s proper conduct if you want to get the ticket thrown out completely.

The right traffic ticket attorney knows the ins and outs of fighting against a ticket. You don’t have time to read up on every law and every code that can change the outcome of your case. Instead, you can get in touch with a lawyer who’s done the work for you.

Don’t hesitate to fight your ticket the right way. Get in touch with a traffic ticket lawyer today.