Criminal Lawyers Middletown, NJ

Criminal Lawyers Middletown, NJ

Criminal Lawyers Middletown, NJ Criminal Lawyers Middletown, NJ

Following your arrest, and whether or not you have been charged with a crime, it is a very good idea to ask the criminal lawyers Middletown, NJ residents trust, such as those from Rispoli & Borneo, to help you. Acting quickly in the days after an arrest is crucial in the outcome of your case. We are likely to strongly advise against representing yourself, as the consequences for a criminal charge can be steep and long-term. For an immediate consultation after a recent arrest, call Rispoli & Borneo P.C. now.

What is an arrest?

When a person is arrested, it is because a police officer suspected them of a crime and took them into custody. When someone is arrested and taken into custody, they are not free to leave as they wish. Some people who get arrested are taken right to jail, but the arrest may start earlier than that. For instance, if someone is halted and questioned due to being a suspect in a crime and is not free to leave, then they have technically been placed under arrest. Law enforcement is only permitted to arrest a person if the following is true: 

  • The officer witnessed that individual committing a crime
  • The officer has reason to believe (probable cause) that the individual committed a crime punishable under federal law, or 
  • A judge has issued a warrant for the individual’s arrest, which is supported through probable cause

Do I have the right to resist an arrest?

In most situations, a person cannot resist an arrest. It can actually make things more difficult for you later on if you fight against the officer trying to arrest you. What may be the best approach is cooperation until you reach the police station or jail, where you should request to see a lawyer immediately and before answering any questions. Be mindful that law enforcement may try to get you to answer questions before you have obtained a lawyer, in an effort to get you to say things that self-incriminate.

What happens after the arrest?

If you were recently arrested, then you were probably searched and evidence against you was seized. You will be photographed and have to provide a fingerprint, which will be included in your arrest record. During this process, we understand that many thoughts may be going through your mind. You may worry that you will have to spend time behind bars, that your reputation will be ruined among loved ones, and that employment will be harder to find. Remember that you are innocent until the prosecution has proven you guilty in court. The best thing you can do to protect your freedom after an arrest is by calling a lawyer the very same day, if possible. The sooner you call, the sooner we can act for your behalf. 

Can I call a lawyer if I haven’t been arrested yet?

There are few things in life more stressful than feelings of anxiety about the future. If you are concerned that your personal life has taken a turn that may land you in jail, you may understandably be feeling anxious or even paranoid. You may be hesitant to seek legal guidance because you are afraid of what will happen if you talk about whatever is going on.

It is important to understand that consultations with attorneys are confidential. Therefore, if you are concerned about your situation but have not yet been arrested, you should contact experienced criminal lawyers in Middletown, New Jersey to receive guidance in a confidential setting. When it comes to legal matters, knowledge is power.

Allowing experienced legal professionals to guide you through your legal situation and any options available to you will allow you to make informed decisions about your situation. It is important to understand that in addition to being confidential, consultations are risk-free. You do not need to hire an attorney in the wake of a consultation unless you choose to.

Seeking Legal Guidance Before an Arrest

You don’t need to wait to be arrested before you speak with knowledgeable criminal lawyers. In fact, seeking legal guidance now may (depending on the specifics of your situation) keep you from being arrested in the first place. No two cases are exactly alike. But regardless of exactly what your case entails, it can only help to have an experienced criminal defense team by your side and advocating for your interests.

Similarly, if you are in the middle of being investigated, suspect you are being investigated or need to serve as a witness in a sensitive situation, seeking experienced counsel can help you to navigate your circumstances in the most positive ways possible.

Legal Guidance Is Available

If you have not yet been arrested but you are concerned that you might be soon or even if you just have questions about your situation as it relates to the criminal justice system, please reach out to our criminal lawyer team now. Too often, individuals wait until they are in deep legal trouble to seek legal guidance and practical assistance.

If you have the ability to reach out proactively, our criminal lawyers can advise you of your legal options and help you to protect your legal rights. One of the most significant challenges that many individuals under arrest face involves panic. Their fight or flight response kicks in and they ultimately behave in ways that unintentionally compromise the ability to mount a successful defense down the road.

Call Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. Now

At this moment in time, how you respond to the current situation will influence the ultimate verdict in your case. Hire a lawyer, don’t answer questions by law enforcement until we have spoken with you, and refrain from posting on social media about what happened. Help us help you prevent destructive panic from ruining your personal life and, if applicable, ruining your chances at a successful criminal defense down the road. If you are concerned about your situation, whatever it may be, and you could benefit from speaking with Middletown, NJ criminal lawyers, call us at Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. now.