Job-Related Lower Back Pain and Workers Compensation Benefits

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A back injury is one of the most common types of workplace injuries in the United States. Workers who sustain a back injury while on the job may qualify for workers compensation. However, every situation and set of circumstances is different, which is why it’s important to consult a workers comp lawyer to learn about your legal rights.

Common Types of Workplace Back Injuries

An experienced chiropractor Gaithersburg MD employees turn to when they suffer from a workplace injury is probably familiar with these common types of back injuries:

  • Pinched nerve
  • Lower back strain
  • Damage to the spinal cord
  • Herniated discs
  • Fractured vertebrae

What workers comp benefits can you receive for a lower back pain injury?

An on-the-job injury to your back may qualify you to receive any or all of the following:

  • Prescription or over-the-counter medications to treat your injury and/or the resulting pain or discomfort
  • Physical therapy treatments
  • Physical therapy medical equipment aids
  • Related out-of-pocket costs
  • Surgery
  • A portion of your regular wages if you are unable to work or work your normal number of hours

Report Your Workplace Injury Immediately

To begin the process of the back injury claim, you must first report it to your employer if you have not done so already. Another reason why it’s important that you don’t delay in doing this is that there is a limited time of eligibility to file a claim. That time limit varies depending from state-to-state and if you are a federal employee.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

In most cases, when an employee is eligible for worker’s compensation after sustaining an injury, they must accept treatment from an approved physician. That workers compensation bureau-approved doctor will then recommend a treatment method. If they believe a specialist is necessary, they will let you know. A subsequent examination by the specialist will then be required. Regardless of which doctor provides the treatment for your lower back pain injury, you cannot return to work without their approval.

Disability as a Result of a Back Injury

If you are diagnosed with a disability due to your work related back injury, it will qualify as one of the following:

1.    Permanent and total. This is the most serious category of a workplace injury and the results can be devastating. A workers compensation lawyer can determine if you qualify for far more than what workers compensation benefits will provide you. A skilled worker’s compensation lawyer can help you receive:
a.    Medical treatments to help your condition and possible reduce or eliminate your pain and suffering.
b.    Compensation to make necessary structural changes to your home to accommodate your current and future physical limitations. This might include a stairway chair, wheelchair ramps, kitchen counter modifications, and much more.
c.     Permanent partial disability. This category for those workers who suffer an injury that leaves them with a permanent condition but they are not completely disabled. However, this level of injury may not allow them to return to work full time, or at all. A workers comp lawyer can help someone in this situation collect compensation for the seriousness of the injury as well as resulting costs such as lost wages.

d.    Temporary partial disability. Workers classified in this category are expected to make a full recovery from their workplace injury.

Do not wait to get help from a workers compensation attorney if you need assistance or have questions.

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