Rear Ended by a Semi Truck?

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Hundreds of thousands of semi or large trucks are involved in traffic accidents each year, which puts many lives at risk. In addition to the thousands of injuries suffered by motorists, a number of people die in truck versus car accidents.
Larger trucks are more likely to cause serious damage to your vehicle than other vehicles on the road. This is due to their much larger size and weight. In addition, because semi-trucks need more time to slow down or stop, they are more at risk for causing rear-end collisions. This is especially true when the driver is not paying attention to the road or is driving while distracted.
A rear-end type of accident can have devastating results when a semi-truck is involved. A passenger car, or even a full-sized SUV, does very little to protect its driver and passengers when a large and heavy vehicle collides with it. The average weight of semi trucks is around 18,000 pounds. That’s more than twice the weight of an SUV. If this scenario describes your experience, consider discussing your case with a truck accident lawyer.
What Happens If a Semi Truck Rear Ends Me?
If you are involved in a collision with a semi truck, there are several immediate steps to take.
  • If a semi truck rear ends you, it’s very important to call the police and report the accident.
  • If injured, seek immediate medical treatment. Even if you do not think you were injured, consider getting checked by a doctor in the event you have an injury you’re not yet aware that you’ve suffered. Many serious or even fatal injuries are initially masked by adrenaline or shock.
  • If you end up filing a claim or lawsuit, it helps to have a police report and to have your injuries documented immediately following the accident.
Semi Truck Liability
By law, all commercial truck drivers are required to follow a specific duty of care. If you are hit by a semi truck and it was not your fault, you may be eligible to collect compensation from the driver for your damages. These are some of the most common scenarios in which truckers can be held responsible:
  • They are required to look out properly for other vehicles, to pay attention to the road, and to comply with all the traffic laws in any given area. If they disregard a stop light or traffic sign and it leads to an accident, they can be held responsible.
  • They are not permitted to drive while distracted, tired, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • If a semi truck follows behind a vehicle too closely and collides with it after the auto driver applies their brakes, the trucker can be held liable.
Who is to Blame?
If the passenger vehicle driver was not at fault, liability may fall to the semi truck driver, or even the truck’s manufacturer, depending on the circumstances of the accident. The job of a truck accident victim’s lawyer is to prove their client is not to blame. The car owner’s attorney will need to establish some or all of the following:
  1. Was the driver of the truck negligent?
  2. Was the truck improperly maintained which led to it causing the accident?
  3. Was there a manufacturing defect which caused the collision?
It’s important to call an attorney as early in the process as possible. This is because the evidence should be preserved while it is still available. In addition, the victim’s injuries may be serious and require costly medical treatment. An attorney can begin preparing the case immediately which may lead to a faster resolution.
When a serious accident occurs, it can be challenging to deal with the tragedy that results. Contact a truck accident lawyer Memphis TN relies on who can help you recover your damages and collect maximum compensation from those responsible. Though an accident claim or lawsuit will not erase the past, it can help you move forward. Thanks to Patterson Bray for their insight into semi truck accident cases.

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