Speeding Ticket Crackdown Rumor Spur Panic

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DWI LawyersRumors of a so-called “speeding ticket blitz” garnered the attention of many local residents and police departments across New Jersey recently this summer. In July 2022 numerous claims circulated online about a frenzy of speeding tickets that would be issued to many motorists. The claim focused on a 30-day period where police officers would crack down on speeding, issuing higher fines and more severe penalties. The claim also stated that other traffic violations, like using devices while driving, would also be met with harsher consequences. Despite a lack of official announcements by law enforcement or evidence to support the claim, many concerned social media users shared posts about the “speeding ticket blitz”. However, police departments later announced that the claim was false and no such crackdown was taking place. It was a rumor from a few years ago that resurfaced again.

While the panic surrounding the speeding ticket claim highlights the issue of misinformation regarding the law, it also emphasizes how everyday citizens are responsible for educating themselves about the latest traffic laws. Speeding is a serious violation, even if the violation was just a few miles over the established speed limit in the area. As an experienced and highly skilled lawyer knows all too well, many people continue to disregard the law or fail to learn them. If you have recently been issued a speeding ticket, you should contact a lawyer to receive legal advice.

Why Hire a Lawyer to Fight Your Speeding Ticket

Hiring a lawyer to combat your speeding ticket may be necessary if you are facing several situations. While minor speeding tickets may not necessitate hiring a lawyer, more serious and complex situations may demand it. For example, if you have already had multiple speeding tickets, have had a prior severe conviction like a misdemeanor or felony, or are facing an exceptionally high speeding ticket, you may want to retain a lawyer. With the help of a qualified and skilled New Jersey speeding ticket lawyer like one at Rispoli & Borneo P.C., you can be sure to get the legal help you need.

What to Do If You Are Stopped For Speeding

If you are stopped by a police officer for speeding, remember what steps to do so that you can resolve the situation peacefully and without issues. Make sure to follow the officer’s instructions. Keep your hands on the wheel and make sure that they are visible to the officer when they approach you. Provide them with all the information that they ask of you, such as your driver’s license, insurance, and registration. If the officer asks you if you know what you have done wrong, say no if you decide to answer. Otherwise, remain silent.

Seek Quality and Affordable Legal Assistance

Though the idea of a speeding ticket blitz turned out to be a hoax, it’s important to be prepared in case you are charged with speeding. Hiring a lawyer to obtain help handling your speeding ticket can increase your chances of reducing your fine or the severity of your traffic violation. Your ticket may even get dropped. To obtain legal services, schedule a consultation with a seasoned and experienced lawyer now.