Tips for Dealing with Harassment and Discrimination 

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Your workplace should be an environment that allows you to feel comfortable and safe. Anything that disrupts how you feel at work or how well you are able to do your job should not be ignored. If the matter involves the improper actions of another individual, such as a coworker or manager, it needs to be addressed and immediately dealt with. You should not have to tolerate wrongful actions or behavior committed against you. Here are some things that you can do if you are dealing with harassment or discrimination in your workplace. 

Keep a Record 

Write down an account of your experience. Be sure to include details such as what day it happened, where it happened, and what words were said to you. If any witnesses were there who may have seen the exchange, talk to them about how they perceived the situation. Specifically describe the misconduct that the individual committed. 

Confront the Individual 

Try directly confronting the individual about their behavior. Be clear with them and inform them that what they are doing is not appropriate and that you will not tolerate it. When you let them know that what they are doing is wrong, they may immediately stop what they are doing if they are aware that you will not tolerate it. 

Report to Your HR Department 

If direct communication with the individual bothering you leads to no change, notifying your human resources department about the incident can be helpful. They should be able to offer a solution or inform you how they will resolve the matter. Follow up with your employer to see how they are handling the situation and what consequences they are considering. 

If none of these actions produce the results that you are hoping for, you may benefit from talking to a trusted employment litigation lawyer. If a coworker or supervisor at work harasses you or treats you differently because of your race, religion, age or other part of your identity, you have a right to talk to a lawyer and explore ways you can take legal action against them. As a trusted employment litigation lawyer like one from Eric Siegel Law can explain, they can provide you with personalized legal services like a case evaluation and legal representation. You can learn about your full legal options and what your next steps should be so that you can find the right solution. Learn more by scheduling a consultation with a seasoned lawyer.