Traffic Ticket FAQs

Rispoli & Borneo P.C.

If you or a loved one have recently been issued a traffic ticket, it would be in your best interest to contact a traffic ticket attorney in Newark today and schedule your free consultation. 

What is considered reckless driving behavior? If a driver exceeds twenty-five miles per hour, weaves in and out of traffic lanes, drives the wrong way on the road, neglects traffic laws, or drives on the sidewalk or through a crowd these actions would warrant a reckless driving ticket. However, experienced traffic ticket attorneys understand that the driver is not always at fault in these situations. Sometimes accidents occur and cause the vehicle to stop operating correctly. A broken speedometer or faulty brakes could lead to accidental reckless driving. That is why hiring a wise attorney such as those at Rispoli & Borneo P.C.  is crucial in reckless driving cases. Having someone who has the legal experience to view your case from all sides is invaluable.

How are reckless driving tickets different from other traffic tickets? When someone is issued a reckless driving ticket, the fine is typically greater, insurance premiums skyrocket, sometimes for years, and it may be considered a criminal offense. If a person is seriously injured or killed in a reckless driving incident, the driver at fault may face criminal charges, including jail time. To think that reckless driving tickets are the same as all other traffic ticket is naive, and dangerous. Before getting behind the wheel, the driver must be completely aware of the responsibility they have to themselves, and everyone else on the road. 

What are the consequences of a reckless driving ticket? The legal consequences of a reckless driving ticket include hefty fines, potential points on a license, a rise in insurance premiums, and an appearance before a judge in court. As mentioned before, if the reckless driving resulted in another’s injury or death the consequences will be much more severe, maybe resulting in jail time and a criminal record. However, there are other consequences that should be considered in the event of a reckless driving ticket. The financial burden of paying the fine, hiring a lawyer, and taking time off work may greatly impact a person, causing increased stress and anxiety. If a reckless driver harms another individual, the guilt of their actions may cause the driver to experience severe mental and emotional health problems. 

How can a traffic ticket attorney help with reckless driving tickets? In the event of a reckless driving ticket, a traffic ticket attorney should be called right away. In the first initial, complementary consult, the attorney and client will discuss the case thoroughly, and come up with a legal plan of action. The lawyer’s job is then to gather evidence, provide counsel to the client, and advocate on their behalf in court. Sometimes a traffic ticket attorney can lessen the fines in court, and in rare events, throw out all charges together. Clients should remain realistic about their cases, and not expect their attorney to fix everything. Rest assured, that experienced traffic ticket attorneys will do everything in their power to assist their clients, and work toward the desired court outcome. Contact a traffic ticket attorney today and get the legal help you deserve.