Car Accident FAQs

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If you or a loved one have experienced a car accident, it would be in your best interest to contact a Newark Car Accident Lawyer

What happens immediately following a car accident?

Upon accident, first responders arrive at the scene. Police, ambulance, and fire trucks rush to the scene to assist after a collision. Police officers will take statements from both vehicle drivers, as the paramedics see to the drivers’ and passengers’ injuries. If needed, the firefighters will aid in getting anyone out of the car that is stuck. Even if the drivers and passengers appear physically unharmed, they should still seek medical evaluations, as there could be internal bleeding or concussion sustained. After a car accident, and an individual’s adrenaline starts to wear off, the surviving victims may start to feel the full extent of their injuries. 

What are common injuries sustained during a car accident?

Typical injuries that car accident victims may experience are whiplash, neck, back, and spine pain, and head trauma, There may be long-term, negative side effects following an accident, that could require victims to seek professional medical care. Hospital stays, surgery, prescription medication, and outpatient care are all examples of treatment that could be needed following an accident. Compensation should be sought for all of these, including time away from work as well. Although victims may experience physical pain, they could also be suffering emotionally and mentally following an accident. 

What emotional or mental pain may a victim of a car accident experience?

Depression, post-traumatic stress disorder otherwise referred to as PTSD, and anxiety are all common issues that plague survivors of automobile collisions. Seeking help from a licensed therapist may greatly aid in the healing of an individual’s mental and emotional well-being. Just as someone would seek out surgery or other medical intervention for a broken foot, they should feel empowered to find healing for their unseen suffering as well. Talking about the accident, the trauma experienced and how it has impacted everyday functionality can greatly benefit car accident survivors.

What can car accident lawyers do for their clients?

After an accident, victims of an accident should contact an attorney to set up an initial consult. During the consult, the attorney and client will discuss their case and potential legal action. Pursuing compensation for injuries sustained, time off work, and other medical expenses is what car accident lawyers strive for. Advocating for their clients, attorneys want to empower their clients to pursue justice. Oftentimes, a lawsuit that results in a trial is the last option for attorneys and clients. Some insurance companies desire to settle outside court, and the compensation may be worth it. If the lawsuit ends in trial, clients should rest assured that their car accident lawyer will assist them every step of the way.

How can car accident lawyers support their clients?

Support following an accident is imperative, and experienced attorneys understand that fully well. By taking on the legal work required, car accident lawyers allow their clients to focus on what is truly important, their physical, mental, and emotional healing. Attorneys such as those at the law office of Rispoli & Borneo have the knowledge needed to advocate on behalf of their clients, fighting for what they deserve financially. Don’t suffer alone, but contact a car accident lawyer today and start your journey toward pursuing justice and rightful compensation.