What Your Workers Comp Attorney Wants You To Know In 2016

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Advice From an Asbury Park Workers Compensation Lawyer

Workers Comp Lawyer Asbury Park

So long as accidents continue to happen in the workplace, there will always be a need to look for the workers’ comp attorneys Asbury Park has to offer.

While business owners and managers are obligated to take care of their employees, any workers’ comp lawyer Asbury Park will always recommend workers to be proactive and responsible for maintaining a safe worksite not only for their sake, but others as well.

Here are a few workplace safety tips recommended by the best workers’ comp lawyers Asbury Park has to offer.

  1. Road Safety in Asbury Park

The United States Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that work-related driving accidents cost employers around $60 billion a year. When it comes to being on the road for work, here are a few good habits to consider practicing. Any workers’ comp attorney Asbury Park will understand the wisdom behind the following recommendations:

  • Every month, conduct an inspection of your work vehicle and make repairs if necessary
  • Before driving a company vehicle or truck over long distances, be sure to inspect break lights, turn signals, and tire pressure
  • Follow your company’s safe-driving policies and always observe traffic laws
  1. Take Extra Care when Working in Extreme Conditions

Some jobs require employees to work in harsh conditions. For instance, construction employees who are outdoors for extended periods of time are often exposed to the heat or cold, which can impact their health and ability to continue working safely.

Any reliable construction accident Lawyer Asbury Park will recommend the following practices when working in extreme environments.

  • Working in the cold – Dress in layers when working in the cold. Be sure to keep your head, hands, and feet warm, as these pats of your body are most prone to frostbite. When you’re feeling warm, take off one or two layers of clothing, putting them back on when the temperature gets cold.
  • Working in the heat – If you have existing health conditions such as hypertension and heart disease, you should consult your physician before working in hot environments. When on the jobsite, wear loose-fitting clothing, stay hydrated, and take frequent breaks.
  1. Report Dangers in the Workplace

Reporting unsafe areas or situations is one way of improving the safety of your workplace. For instance, if you see or cause a spill of hazardous material, immediately cordon the area and report the incident. Your workplace should have an SOP for spills, so be sure to know what it is if you need to handle hazardous chemicals.

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